Pros and Cons to Network Marketing

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Everything in life comes with pros and cons, and network marketing is no different. It is up to us to see if it’s worth the time and investment. My goal is not to sell you on anything, but to help you think about what actions you are taking right now that will give you the results that you want. To make an educated decision about who and what you want in your life.



Let’s start with the negatives, as I’m sure most people have seen or heard some negative things about network marketing at some point.

People are the greatest and best asset to this business model, but can you guess what is the worst thing about the business?


Yep! You guessed it, people.


There are people who misrepresent, or straight out lie about the results of network marketing businesses. There are people who were mislead to overly invest, or never had results because they didn’t put in the work, who are quick to call it a scam because it didn’t work for them.


People will tell you to take the safe route because it’s a new concept to them, they don’t understand it, and change is scary. Side note: no job is safe and secure. You can be let go or fired at any time for any reason, without warning. The only “safe” route is to have multiple streams of income so you are not completely reliant on a single one.


You will have a lot of people who will speak negatively into your life, and it’s going to be up to you if you can push through the nay-sayers and fears. Remember that success awaits you on the other side of growth. You will need to develop a thick skin and soft heart.



Now let’s dive into the positives!


It’s low cost and very low risk, meaning if you change your mind in the first months or year, no big deal, you didn’t break the bank. Most good network marketing companies have a “buy-back” policy, where if you change your mind within a certain amount of time from getting started, you can get a full refund.


A great network marketing company will have a training system or mentors in place (if not, I wouldn’t recommend that company). For most, being a business owner is a new venture. A training system is in place to help you develop the right skill set to be successful, and mentors are there to guide you and help you avoid the obstacles they encountered, so you can see success faster. If they’ve already passed the test, why not copy their answers?


Network marketing businesses are scalable, which means the business should be simple to grow and reproduce positive outcomes for individuals who are serious. The model is simple to understand and implement, but requires work and effort on your part (as anything that produces worthwhile results).


A great company will also provide recognition for success. Did you know that 79% of Americans quit their jobs due to lack of recognition or appreciation? You should get recognized for your hard work as you grow your business and taking the right actions. Celebrating success is not only great for morale and motivation, but it also helps others learn from what those who are having success are doing. Most successful people in network marketing don’t want to hide their “secrets of success”. They understand there is enough room and resources for everyone to win – they have an abundance mindset, so they help pave the way for those coming behind them. A rising tide raises all ships.


There is a lot of money to be earned, but it is not guaranteed (or it shouldn’t be), because that depends solely on you. You have to be willing to handle the failures and the successes. You call your own shots; you are the boss and can do as much or as little work as you want. As you earn more money, this extra revenue stream can create more options and choices in your life.

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