Find the Path to Success: Part 2

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Overcoming Fear And Doubt

Fastfoward a couple of  years and I am about 12 years of age. I am currently playing baseball for my Uncle, the coach, and along side my cousin, which we were inseparable at the time. I managed to get good enough to play at the position I always wanted to play, 3rd base. Life was perfect!

It was a clear, hot and humid night. The jersey I was wearing was suffocating and damp from playing in an intense game. My coach had gone through all of our pitchers during the week and were not allowed any more innings. The game appeared to be lost. As I watched my coach take the long walk to the mound to replace another pitcher. I thought to myself, “Who is going to be next?”

As the infield crowded around the pitchers mound to come up with a game plan, my coach looks at me, puts the red dirt covered baseball in my hand and tells me that I am pitching. This was a surprise! I’ve never had interest in pitching and never wanted to become a pitcher. I was afraid and had serious doubt in my ability to control the mound. I didn’t even know the mechanics behind the position.

Finally, they convinced me to try. As I faced my first batter, all I could think about was I am not cut out to do this or be the focus point of the diamond (baseball field). I walked my first batter with 4 straight pitches, my hat went down over my eyes and my head fell lower. My coach makes his way onto the field with steps of authority and confidence. He looks straight into my eyes and simply says, “You can do this.” As simple and as indifferent as that.

I struck out the next 2 batters to end the game. This was the starting point of loving a new position and some great accomplishments along the way. See, if I never overcame my fear or doubt or surround myself with positive people, I would have never thrown 3 no-hitters and perfect game 2 years later.

Finding Greatness Through Fear

On the other side of fear is greatness. Fear is self-imposed, it’s an intangible; which mean you can create it and you can destroy it too. It’s time experience growth and get out of your comfort zone.

What do you fear and doubt? Is it talking to people? Speaking in front of crowds? Is it the thought of not being good enough? Are the people you’re hanging out with a good influence? People you just met might help you more than people or family you’ve known all your life.

Write simple and easy steps to overcome that fear and doubt. It all starts with putting good positive information in your mind because you are good enough and should have success. You just have to be willing to push out of your comfort zone.

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