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What Do We Do?

We get asked this question a lot, and with good reason. Today, school teaches us the “employee” mentality. We all know it, so feel free to fill in the blanks.


Go to……school…

So you can get good……grades…

So you can get a good…….job…

And hopefully one day……retire…


The problem we have with this model is that many people don’t actually get to retire anymore. They ‘retire’ from their full-time job, only to work part-time work to make ends meet. It’s a broken system in today’s society. Now, there is nothing wrong with being an employee to pay the bills, but you have to consider and plan for the long-term. Will what you’re doing get you the end result you are looking for?


“Scott, what are you talking about?”


I’m talking about having the “entrepreneur” mentality, I’m talking about going out and working hard for your business, your goals, and your dreams!

If you don’t take purposeful action towards your goals each day, then you can’t expect success to happen. Keep that in mind as we go over what we do, but first, you must know why we do it.


Our Why

We want to make more money not because we love money, but because money offers more choices and options in our lives and other people’s lives.

Our goal is to get Angelica out of her full-time job so she can stay home with our future kids, raise them, and homeschool them. We want more time with the people we care about, and not have to worry about if we have enough vacation days to visit our sick grandma or sibling we haven’t seen in months. We want to go on more vacations and see what this beautiful earth has to offer…not settle for another local weekend trip. Those are some of our selfish reasons we want more time and money.

We also want to give and impact something bigger than ourselves. We want to create the same time and money in other people’s lives, and allow them to live life on their terms. We want to be able to donate a truly impactful amount to the causes we care about, pour into our communities to make them better, ensure underprivileged families have the necessities they need, make a stranger’s Christmas who might not otherwise have one. We want to make sure no child in our community goes to school hungry or without the supplies they need to succeed.

We love to help and train other individuals or couples grow their income, so they have more choices and options. How awesome would it be to have that in your life? EXTRAORDINARY! My words exactly.


Our What

We are partnered with a network marketing company. We help ambitious people transition from active income style to a recurring or passive style income. It takes work, purposeful action, belief, and training – just like any other type of business – to be successful.

I do not and probably will not ever say the company name on my blogs or social media accounts, simply because we’re not here to try to sell you or convince you to work with us. We are here to simply inform and educate you on the industry, and what to look for in a company if you decide to pursue this route to increase your income.

To explain network marketing very simply, is it’s like franchising (think McDonalds, Anytime Fitness, etc.), but online based, so you don’t have all the overhead of a brick and mortar building, or expenses of employees (we will also dive more into network marketing vs. other traditional businesses in an upcoming post).

We decided to go this route because for us, we saw a low start-up fee that we could afford with no risk involved. We saw the potential for big rewards personally, but soon realized that we could help others do the same as well.

Network marketing is NOT for everyone, and if you decide to partner up with a company, do your research. You have teams or companies that manipulate, lie, and guarantee you things that they shouldn’t (I will dive more into this in a later blog, so be sure to come back!). Like with any business, there will be people and companies doing it right….and those that do it wrong to make a quick buck.


Over the next few weeks, we’ll get into more details, so be sure to come back and read more! If you’re interested in knowing more, or in pursuing a business in network marketing, feel free to contact us here or message us on Instagram.