Business Ownership In Network Marketing

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Are You A Business Owner In Network Marketing

I see this one debated a lot, and it’s quite funny to think about when I hear or read other’s opinions. Some will say no, because the company is the true business owner and could take your business away at anytime if you’re not doing things correctly.

But in the same breath, they will say that the guy down the street who runs the Taco Bell is a business owner. You are a business owner in both situations, you have to keep the business running, and have control over your success or lack of. If you start making burgers at Taco Bell, they will shut you down, and the same is true with legitimate network marketing companies. If you start doing something they don’t allow or isn’t in their policy, they will shut you down. The government can shut down any business they want if they so choose. Every business in America has some policies, regulations, and laws that have to be met in order to stay open, it’s as simple as that.


What About Inventory 

Inventory is an interesting topic. I am not a network marketing junkie, and I’ve had the good fortune to only be involved in one company and be surrounded by men and women who run business properly in my eyes. Some companies require you to maintain a certain amount of product inventory, or purchase a minimum each month…that is not something we wanted to be involved in. We did not want the financial obligation, the risk, or the burden of trying to sell, package, and ship products to customers.

Personally, we enjoy the fact that the company we’ve partnered with has no minimums, and requires no inventory. We, and our customers, have access to every single product online, and can purchase at our convenience. Products are shipped direct to the customer or us from the corporate warehouse, and we never have to see or touch it. They simply get it delivered to their home and happily use it.

If you are evaluating multiple companies, make sure you research these areas to make sure you’re comfortable with how inventory is managed, and if you are required to purchase minimums each month.


The Catch Has To Be The Cost

Depends on your perspective. For us, the cost was the opportunity. I don’t know about all, but generally most network marketing companies start up fee is between $50-$500. Compared to a traditional business, which can cost thousands if not millions, that low cost is pretty exciting and for most is very little to zero risk.

Most companies also have conferences, monthly training fees, and leadership opportunities. All of which are usually optional. This is similar to any traditional job, where you have industry conferences, trainings, and other events that help you sharpen your skills and expand your knowledge to stay up-to-date in our fast-paced world. I will say that what I’ve seen in successful business owners is that they typically go to all conferences, they invest in their training, and they get themselves to those leadership opportunities. You simply will need to prioritize what you want most, and not be afraid to invest in yourself, because you are the only one who can make or break your success.

Most people want to live a “comfortable” life, living paycheck to paycheck, and spend their time worrying about what is happening in their lives right now, and not thinking about what it takes to retire or have the life they truly want to live. Whatever you decide to do, just realize there are other options out there, and you should start thinking about your future in an intentional way.

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