How To Prepare and Pack for Stress-Free Travel

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If you travel often, what do you do to prepare for it? 🤔

I’m definitely no expert when it comes to traveling, but I’ve found myself hopping on flights or long car rides more frequently the past year – and it seems to only be getting more frequent. ✈️

Traveling can take a toll on your body – and occasionally your mental and emotional state, too – so I’ve started to do a few things that have really helped me have a better experience.

📝Travel prep:

There’s a few things you can do before and after a flight or long drive to help keep your body (and mind) from feeling worn out and achy!

  • Drink extra water before your trip. If you’re traveling at night, make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day. If you have an early flight, drink plenty of water the afternoon/evening before, more in the morning and limit coffee (as much as I love coffee, too much can give me a headache during a trip).
  • Get in a sweat session. Get in a good strength training workout the night or day before. I like to do a full-body workout, but focus specifically on legs, since I know I’ll be sitting for quite some time.
  • Stretch and adjust session. Before you leave for the airport or hop in the car for a long drive, do a 20-30 minute yoga/stretching session, really focusing on your hips and upper back. These are the areas that tend to suffer the most when sitting for long periods of time. I also get an adjustment from my chiropractor, if that is something you want to try.
  • Ensure the essentials. Before leaving, check to make sure you have your wallet, license, phone, keys (if needed), and your packed bags.
  • Shut it down. Make sure everything in the house is turned off – lights, machines, appliances – doors are locked, shades are closed, and AC is turned off before walking out the door.

🧳Packing tips:

Packing is another thing that can cause stress. Making sure you have everything you need, hoping you don’t forget anything important…wondering if you should pack extra.

Thankfully I’ve found a few ways to pack more efficiently and compact for traveling.

…and when I say more compact, I mean from an average of 4-5 bags to a small roller and a backpack!

  • I have a master pack list that includes anything and everything I could need, from chargers to sandals, that I use as a reference.
  • Make a list of how many days/nights you’ll be traveling, and note any events or occasions you need specific outfits for – like business casual attire for a conference, or gym clothes for working out.
  • Choose a color palette. We want to minimize the amount of clothing we bring, so if you keep it to a color palette and choose only clothes that go well together, you can have more outfits from less pieces. For example, I tend to have mostly neutrals (black, tan) and add a jewel tone, like green, into the mix.
  • Take out all the clothing that you want to bring, and review it again, maybe even try things on. My instinct is to waaaaaaay over pack, so this final review process helps me eliminate a lot of things I thought I wanted, but probably wouldn’t really wear.
  • Sort and roll all your clothes into luggage organizers, then pack clothes and shoes in your suitcase. Packing cubes, or luggage organizers (like these) not only keep your bag organized, but it’s much easier to find things once you arrive at your destination! I also pack a drawstring bag in the bottom of my suitcase to use for dirty laundry as I travel.
  • Pack my backpack or other carry on with electronics, toiletries, chargers, notebooks, maybe a snack 🥨.


Once you finish packing, do a final review and make sure you have everything together…and you’re ready to go!

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Do you travel often? How do you manage packing for trips?