Find the Path to Success: Part 5

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I have switched professions and I’m finally a Chiropractic Physican. I am making more money than I have ever before and helping the healing process in others, but still time is a factor. I’m spending most of my days in the office; which there isn’t anything wrong with that, I like what I do, but I love my family more.

I believe this is how most of us live our lives, trading hours for dollars, to give our families a better life at home. In reality, the family needs you at home and to also bring in money.

I know there will be some out there who might say,”Money isn’t everything!

And my response to that statement is: why do you get up everyday to chase it then?

You can only help others in 2 ways: with your time and your money. How are you going to help people or your family if both are taken?

A Different Path

About a year after graduating from Palmer College of Chiropractic, I was introduced to some business owners (my mentors) based out of central North Carolina. They taught me to think differently and about business systems. I was taught the difference between active and passive income.

The idea is to own multiple or invest into multiple business to receive a decent return. Business systems gave me the opportunity to have the same results as real estate, franchises, and investments without the overhead and hundreds of thousands of dollars in capital (that I didn’t have). My mentors invested their time and money into developing me and speaking positively into my life. I had some decisions to make.

What are you doing with your time?

I decided to cancel cable television after a month of meeting my new-found team of mentors and coaches. I started to associate with like-minded people who want to pursue more in their lives and who weren’t out out drinking all the time, playing video games constantly, or just not prioritizing their time well.

I also got around men who had happy, lasting marriages, were Christian, and were heros to their sons, daughters and wives. I will tell you, I had a great example of a marriage growing up with my parents, but it’s always great to have more examples of that in your life and in your circle of friends.

Negative Feedback in Unlikely Places

The decisions weren’t alway easy, in fact they were really tough. I got some negative feed back from old friends I grew up with, or some sarcastic comments. It wasn’t easy to hear, but I know where I am going and what I am achieving.

The path to success is narrow. You will have to overcome fears, obstacles, family members, and friends, but it’s worth it to look back and say, “I made it.” And along the way you will discover new friends and mentors who have your best interest at heart and will help lead you to success.

Putting It All Together

What is the lifestyle that you want to have? What are your long term goals? What are your short term goals? What can you do daily and weekly to help you achieve those goals?

Is your current vehicle (job) going to help you achieve the lifestyle you want? Who do you associate with? What are you doing with your time? Are you willing to experience failure and ignore the opinions of others?

People that you met 15 seconds ago might be more willing to show you how to achieve those things than people you met 15 years ago.

If you have big goals and aspirations for your life, but you aren’t quite sure how to achieve them, send me a message and let’s chat about how we can create a plan to get you where you want to be.

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