BSP 017: 3 Types of People That Shrink You, and How to Overcome Them

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In this episode of Becoming Super Podcast, Scott and Angelica discuss the types of people that SHRINK you, rather than STRETCH you.

The types of people that can shrink you include:


  • They try to convince you NOT to pursue your goals
  • They tell you it’s not worth it or it won’t work
  • They tell you you’re not good enough or won’t make it

How to overcome them: limit your time around them, or remove them from your life completely


  • They mean well but they misunderstand what you’re trying to do and achieve
  • Usually family or close friends
  • They tell you you’re working too hard, burning the candle at both ends
  • Want you to be safe and secure, to not take risks

How to overcome them: explain your WHY; the reasons you want to achieve your goals (like having more time with your kids or family) rather than explaining the how and what


  • It’s not so obvious they are a deterrence
  • They distract you from your goals in sneaky ways
  • Consume your time or guilt you for your time/money
  • Give you back-handed compliments
  • Don’t necessarily want you to fail, but they don’t want you to do better than them

How to overcome them: Limit your time around them. Protect your goals and calendar. Be very direct with them about what you are trying to achieve, and if they can’t respect that then they don’t deserve your time.

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