BSP 003: Why Choose Network Marketing as an Income Source

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In this episode, Scott and Angelica discuss why network marketing can be a great, substantial income source – if it’s done right!


Network marketing can be an option for you if you need something that:

  • Offers more flexibility than a second job
  • Doesn’t limit you to where and when you work – you can build your business on-the-go from your cell phone or laptop
  • Allows you to grow your business nationally and internationally
  • Has a low start up cost
  • Doesn’t require investing thousands or millions of dollars like usual franchises
  • Doesn’t require the massive knowledge and background that investing in the stock market or real estate can


A good network marketing company will not only provide an excellent business model and compensation plan, but should also have:

  • A mentorship element, where you are learning and have access to those with great success in the business
  • A clearly laid out training system
  • A team of go-getters that you can associate with, learn from, lean on, and grow with


Think about how you really want to live… if time and money were no object, what would that look like?

How would you want to spend your time? Where would you like to live? Where do you want to travel? How would you be able to impact your community? Or your family?

Now think about your current trajectory, the job or career you are currently in. Will it get you what you want? Will it even get you close to what you want?


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